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NEET (UG) 2023: Exam Day Guidelines and Dress Code नीट यूजी 2023 परीक्षा : परीक्षा के दिन की गाइडलाइन्स और पोशाक

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NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) is administered by the NTA (National Testing Agency). This is a single-level entrance examination for medical applicants seeking admission to medical/dental/Ayurvedic schools/colleges nationwide. It sees many students who apply and take the exam every year.    In such a large-scale exam, you must trust and cooperate with the candidates in order to pass the exam without any problems. To this end, NTA has published some guidelines that provide all the necessary information, including information to bring in the NEET Exam Day Guidelines section, strict dress code, substances prohibited at the test center, and more. This systematic approach will ensure consistency and thus avoid confusion among students.    NTA sets specific behaviors and attitudes according to the NEET Exam Day Guidelines guidelines that must be strictly followed. It also helps students follow detailed instructions in the exam room to avoid distractions.

The  Exam Day Guide for the  NEET Exam covers the following key areas:  

 Timing – Events and time for the Exam Day

 Exam Patterns and Scoring Schemes

 Dress Code  

Prohibited Items

Exam Day Suggestions

Highlights for the Test Day

 NEET Exam Day Guide – Events and Time Schedule for the Exam Day:  Candidates should be aware of the events that occur on the exam day before the exam day arrives. This helps students follow directions and avoid confusion on exam day. It is recommended to arrive at the exam hall at least 60 minutes before the start of the exam.  See below for details:

  Related Event,  Date, and Time are as Following-

 NEET 2023 Exam: Date 7 May  2023

 NEET 2023 Exam Time: 14:00 – 17:20

NEET 2023 Duration: 3 hours 20 minutes

Occupy seats in the test room from 1:15 pm onwards

Last time to enter the exam hall: 13:30

 Invigilatorchecks admit cards/tickets and do important announcements: 13:30 – 13:45

 Exam paper distribution: 1:45 hours

 candidates fill booklet entries: 13:50 – 14:00

 The exam starts at 14:00

 The exam ends at 17:20

  NEET Scoring Chart and Exam Mode

 NEET 2023 Highlights:

 Number of Questions: 200 MCQ ( Attempt 180 of which)

Total Marks: 720

Mode of Test: Offline mode only (paper and pen mode)

 Question Mode: Objective-type questions with 4 options, 1 correct option

  Exam Time: 200 minutes (3 hours 20 minutes)

Test Subjects:  Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (Botany and Zoology)

Test Paper Language: The paper is available in 13 languages ​​- English, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, Odia, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, and Punjabi

Marking and Negative Marking Mode:  4 marks for each correct answer and 1 mark will be deducted for every wrong question.

 NEET Exam Day Guide – Dress Code:

In NEET 2019, an incredible 1.5 lakh candidates took the exam, while in NEET 2020 nearly 1.597 million applications were registered and in NEET 2021 registrations closed nearly 1.614 million. In NEET 2023 registration is also expected to exceed 1.6 million.  

 Due to the limited quotas and the intense competition for entry, some people try to pass the exam by the wrong means. To stop these activities,  NTA has set guidelines under the NEET dress code. Candidates who pass the exam must strictly follow the rules, otherwise, it will lead to serious consequences.  

 NEET Dress code for men:  

 No long sleeves/t-shirts allowed

 No pockets, zippers, big buttons, coats, etc. are allowed in clothes.

Wear only simple uniforms/dresses.

Wear simple Sandals/slippers. No shoes, boots, or sandals/covered shoes allowed

 NEET Women’s dress:   

Keep dress simple.

Avoid embroidering, frills, and layering with different materials

Wear a half-sleeve Kurti/shirt

 Fancy shirts with long sleeves and any design are not allowed

 Avoid all metallic and non-metallic items

 Choose sandals or open sandals/ slippers

 Fancy shoes / high-heeled sandals are not allowed in the test room.

 Those who prefer not to abide by these rules due to their religious beliefs, please indicate in the “Dress” option when filling out the NEET application form. These candidates must report at least one hour before going through security procedures and due diligence.

  NEET Exam Day Guidelines – Prohibited items:  

Candidates are prohibited from bringing these items into the exam room on the exam day-

 Items such as pencils/pencils, sketchbooks/pencils, erasers, sharpeners, bags  Mobile devices, pen drives, scanners, electronic pens, bluetooth, headphones, microphones, pagers, fitness bracelets, and other accessories are not allowed.

Glasses, purse, wallet, purse, belt, hat, watch/wristwatch, camera, wristband, etc. are not allowed. Open or packaged food, water bottle, etc. are not allowed.

 Please note that the test center/ authority is not responsible for any of your products.

 NEET Exam Day Guidelines – Exam Room Instructions:

Meet at 13:00 in Exam Room

 Nothing but NEET Entrance Card and Photograph will be allowed in Exam Room  Prospective fingerprints will be recorded on the student attendance form.

15 minutes before beginning the test, the candidate will be given a test booklet to fill in all entries.

For the convenience of the students, the supervisor announces the following time: The beginning of the exam, Mid-term, and End of the exam.

 Candidates will be asked to sign the answer sheet twice — first at the beginning of the test and then at the end of the test.

The supervisor will give the candidate a  pen.

It gives him about 5 minutes to open the test booklet and check the pages.

Since the answer sheet is included in the test booklet, the same code should be there in the test booklet and in the answer sheet/ OMR sheet.

OMR must be filled on both sides.

Give the OMR sheet to the invigilator before leaving the exam room. This is required.

  NEET Exam Day Guidelines – Important Details:

 Candidates must bring the following documents to the exam venue:  NEET admit-Card,  Passport-size photo (same as provided on the  NEET application form),  ID proof/Certificate, and PwD Certificate, if applicable.

 Candidates must reach the test room by 1:30 PM (deadline for notification).

Candidates will not be accepted after 13:30  

Each candidate will be given a seat and row number.

Candidates need to find their own place and sit down

 Candidates must be photographed/ video recorded so it is recommended to keep a firm, straight body and look at the camera when it is done so.

It is recommended that students do not bring additional material, or unintentionally, as the test center will not take care of these.  

Make sure the pages in the test book match the pages on the test paper book

 No food/beverage is allowed in the building.

Only candidates with real health problems will be allowed after the audit/ checking.  Candidates cannot leave the exam hall until the end of the exam. The OMR form should be submitted to the invigilator before your departure.

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